Deroma strives to keep the knowledge and culture of terracotta craftsmanship alive. The values associated with the territory, the manual skills and the attention to detail are a valuable asset and a constant reference point for our work.
The processing of ceramics in Veneto has a centuries-old tradition today. The clayey subsoil and the Brenta river initially supplied the raw material and then made it possible to transport and use the hydraulic power of the mills. The rest of the work was done by the specialists and transformed it into an art form of the highest level and a hallmark of this territory, beyond national borders. In the course of time, ceramic production has been able to renew itself and adapt and conquer even larger market shares - today mainly everyday objects are manufactured, while maintaining the taste and the excellent quality, which make it a real form of artistic expression. In this optimal context and thanks to the vision and ability of high-ranking experts, Deroma was able to establish itself as an Italian excellence in the manufacture of terracotta pots.
Our values have been the same for sixty years: a passion for the care of plants; the search for the highest quality for each of our products; respect and recognition of the people who work for and with us.
This passion has driven us to embark on this adventure that has brought us here after so many successes all this time. This passion continues to guide us in our mission to create the perfect pots that welcome and protect your plants. We use the best materials for this and are always looking for the most suitable and valuable clays; We are on the lookout for the most innovative, powerful and sustainable products, then process them with technical skill and craftsmanship, examining the best, most breathable, lightest and most durable mixtures of different clays and checking every detail throughout the production process.
Deroma's philosophy is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and guarantees the exact selection of raw materials, the use of technologies and production methods according to very high standards as well as capillary and qualified trade and customer service. We rely on specialists who love their work. We are sponsors of the "International Code of Conduct" to guarantee the protection of employees and the environment in all of the Group's activities, in full accordance with our belief that Deroma's success is largely due to the value and talent of the individual employees working with passion and dedication every day and embody the true wealth of our company.