Deroma integrates the most advanced machines into state-of-the-art production lines, an efficient and diversified production that can produce thousands of pots in a variety of shapes and sizes every day, classic and modern, made of terracotta and plastic, colored materials and glazed..
Glazed Pots

The right compromise between efficiency and grace.
The clay mix is carefully selected and fired over a long period of time to give our pots the strength and protection your plants deserve.
With non-toxic colors and high-quality enamel, the masters lend wealth to a timeless product.
Finishing in pastel or glossy glazed terracotta gives you the opportunity to express your style and taste, while the special properties of terracotta protect against frost and bad weather for a long time. Quality products that add sophistication and vitality to the rooms in your home.

Light Materials

Deroma offers new materials and solutions that not only stand for preservation and lightness, but also become spokesmen for the values of ecology and beauty.
The innovations are presented with new, fresh, yet resistant materials made of plastic polymers or resins with technical and dynamic properties.
For the love of the environment, we have developed lines made of lightweight plastic that give the environment and the product itself a new life.
The high durability of the composition enables the use of almost unlimited plant life cycles without harming the environment.
Colors and shapes can be adapted to different situations and make "the light ones" a good alternative to give you the opportunity to invent decorations according to your wishes.


A mix of different materials and the handmade production results in light pots, with a natural look and a unique finishing. Pots which are stylish and frost resistant to project outdoor private as well as public spaces.


Le recenti tecnologie si uniscono alle regole tradizionali antiche per realizzare terracotte industriali e pezzi unici. Le pregiate argille che utilizziamo, tra cui la Terra di Galestro delle colline Toscane, forniscono ai nostri artigiani vasai una materia prima all’altezza delle migliori tecniche tramandate.
La presenza di particelle di pirite crea sfumature di colore e affascinanti irregolarità naturali, mentre l’utilizzo di stampi in gesso, processi di cottura particolari e rifiniture manuali danno il tocco finale.
Le caratteristiche proprie della terracotta, infine, la rendono un materiale ideale per il benessere delle piante, grazie all’alta traspirabilità del composto, la resistenza alle alte e alle basse temperature.