Deroma integrates the most advanced machines into state-of-the-art production lines, an efficient and diversified production that can produce thousands of pots in a variety of shapes and sizes every day, classic and modern, made of terracotta and plastic, colored materials and glazed..
Machine-Made Terracotta

Clay is a special type of sedimentary rock that dissolves in water and enables it to be absorbed thanks to a layered structure. Its use started from very ancient times as when clay is wet is very flexible and easily workable. When it is put in hot temperatures it becomes solid and it is called terracotta. Terracotta is perfect for the well-being of the plant as the pot is porous and slightly permeable and allows the exchange of oxygen, essential for plant’s respiration and growth.
It is a natural water storage as it can store excess liquid and can release it to the plant when needed. It offers frost resistance above -15°C, protecting the roots during colder climates.

Terracotta Galestro

Galestro Terra is a fine clay coming from the Tuscan hills, particularly resistant to frost and with excellent breathability. Clay minerals gives fascinating irregularities to the surface of the pot, making it unique and precious.

Terracotta Handmade

Deroma Handmade Terracotta takes inspiration from the ancient tradition of Handmade objects.
The process starts from the raw material, then the molding of the clay, the firing and the last finishing.
Thanks to a skilled craftmanship, a particular attention to detail and to the choice of the best clay, every pot is unique, original and different from others.

Glazed Terracotta

Terracotta Glazed is about style and brilliant, original colors.
It is a particular kind of resistant pottery, made with non-toxic pigments and different types of clay, that can give the environment a touch of style and personality.


A mix of different materials and the handmade production results in light pots, with a natural look and a unique finishing. Pots which are stylish and frost resistant to project outdoor private as well as public spaces.


A virtuous circle signed by Deroma
A circular economy refers to an economic model whose objective is to produce goods and services in a sustainable way, promoting products that last and that can be reused, repaired and remanufactured.
It is about limiting the consumption and waste of resources (raw materials, water, energy) as well as the production of aste, breaking out with the model of the linear economy, characterized by the “take, make, waste” pattern. Recyclat Collection is made with plastic that comes from waste sorting to realize eco-friendly, durable and light pots that are the perfect solution to decorate any garden.


Innovation considered as a raw material, this is Deroma’s philosophy.
In the Plastic section, aesthetic and functional innovation combine, leading to the creation of large-sized pots, strong and yet extremely light, besides unique accessories that increase product performance.