For us, responding to customers needs means providing a wide range of merchandising shelves that present the product in an elegant and orderly manner and that receive logistical support through capillary delivery.
Constant collaboration with the customer, knowing how we can respond to their needs, and offering suitable solutions are fundamental cornerstones for Deroma, on which we have built our reputation over the years.
We offer each partner the tools necessary to successfully advertise the product in their own business; tailor-made advertising media packages, or offer the customer an exhibition display to satisfy aesthetic and spatial needs. The delivery to the customer takes place directly to the market in order to relieve the individual logistics manager. Another and interesting service relates to the storage of products that are kept in our halls after purchase and can be delivered directly to the customer on request in the event of bottlenecks, thereby eliminating the problem of storage.
The agile and fast organization for optimal performance maximization shows a very high trading competence as it can be expected from a leading company in the garden world.