Constant research and careful analysis have always been the basis for our projects. A team with a strong character, creative and detail-oriented, takes care of the clues and recognizes trends in advance, which makes Deroma a company that always looks to the future.
Deroma is tirelessly researching and examining trends and styles in contemporary life in order to anticipate changes and be the protagonists of style and propose contemporary and innovative aesthetic and functional solutions. By continuously monitoring technical and scientific developments, we always have the best solution to ensure durability and functionality.
Deroma offers a variety of styles that are combined from time to time with different aesthetic needs. Essential and clean lines become a real compromise for modern and elegant environments, while the most colorful and fascinating textures caress the palate of the most eccentric.
The glazed collection gives this production an old but precious taste, with a hint of color and classic surfaces,while the innovations of the Light materials capture the taste of the contemporary that is always on the move.