Deroma Pte Ltd Singapore

Deroma has strategically established a sales branch in Singapore, the heart of the Asian region, which, taking advantage of its excellent geographical location, is very effective in handling customers in the APEC region.
A sales office in Hong Kong is also equipped with a Showroom where in our customers can view Deroma products and be supported by a trained staff. Knowledge of several languages, facilitates understanding of customer needs and, consequently, the ability to provide them with the best solutions.
In Asia, gardening has become a big trend thus opening up new business opportunities for Deroma; from these sales offices we can also handle the Australia, New Zealand and Japan markets, which have been our established references in the world market for years.


Hong Kong

Deroma ha strategicamente istituito ad Hong Kong, cuore della regione Asiatica, una filiale commerciale che, sfruttando l’ottima posizione geografica, risulta molto efficace nella comunicazione con i clienti.
All’interno della filiale potrete trovare uno Showroom dei prodotti Deroma ed uno staff preparato, in grado di soddisfare i propri clienti. La conoscenza di diverse lingue, facilita la comprensione delle esigenze del cliente e, di conseguenza, la capacità di fornire loro le migliori soluzioni.

In Asia il giardinaggio è diventato una grande tendenza aprendo così a Deroma nuove possibilità commerciali, lo sviluppo del business è una delle funzioni principali dell’ufficio di Hong Kong.
Già presente nel mercato di Australia, Nuova Zelanda e Giappone, è sempre alla ricerca di maggiori opportunità.
Deroma HK riesce ad adattarsi rapidamente ai cambiamenti del mercato effettuando ricerche approfondite per identificare il piano adatto e monitorando da vicino le diverse tendenze commerciali.
Grazie a questo approccio dinamico, l’azienda è riuscita a espandere la propria attività a Singapore, Corea e Cina in un breve periodo. Deroma è sicuramente un pioniere in questi nuovi mercati in via di sviluppo.



Deroma France, a subsidiary of the Deroma Group, in business since 1992 currently has more than 60 employees, including 15 exclusive salesmen.
Our success is based on the synergy of our sales and logistics expertise. A team of 22 people manages a fully computerized, voice-picking storage warehouse of over 30,000 square meters. We have created an agile internal organization and are constantly developing our tools, methods and processes.
As a digital company, we integrated digital tools very early and today offer our 3,500 customers an extranet, call-center and other facilitation tools, including EDI in particular.
Our advanced logistics allow us to deliver our 1,500 references quickly with low costs in France and Belgium. Our values are based on 3 fundamental principles: closeness to nature and the needs expressed by our customers, dynamism of collections and responsiveness in customer relations, and adaptability in all circumstances, values that we apply daily at the crossroads between the need for economic growth and a more ethical economic model.



We are a young company with a long history, an Italian history that was born in 1955 in Veneto, in an area where the culture of terracotta and its craftsmanship has been rooted and alive for centuries.
Here Deroma was founded with the idea of combining this ancient and rich tradition with the most modern and functional production technologies, in order to make the best possible pot for every plant and every environment. In every Deroma pot there are years of work, research and passion, there is all the experience and expertise of a company that has been able to treasure the heritage of the past and take up the challenges of the future, continually searching for new, better ideas and materials.
A company that has grown and been able to improve, no to become a reference point and a complete and recognized partner in the garden world. 
Today Deroma, in addition to its two production plants in Italy, the real beating heart of the company, counts numerous plants and branches in different countries and, thanks to its more than 10,000 points of sale, every day takes its idea of the pot, made of technique and heart, all over the world.



Founded in 1959 as an industrial manufacturer of terracotta pots, Fansa is today the leading company in the Spanish and Portuguese markets in the plant pot sector.
Fansa joined the Deroma Group in 1998 as a reference point for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, offering our customers a complete range of plant pots, support at every stage of the purchasing process, and excellent service.


United States

The mark "Marshall Pottery" is born in far 1895 when the Mister W.F. Rocker, from Kentucky, came to the East Texas town of Marshall. The reason he was attracted to Marshall was due to the abundance of the two natural ingredients his business needed—white clay and water. Through a series of ownerships, the pottery finally fell into the hands of Sam Ellis around 1905. The story is told that Mr. Ellis, who was a blacksmith by trade, would walk by the Pottery everyday on his way to and from work. He ended up loaning the owner at that time, a Mr. Studer, $375.55 to build a new kiln. Not long after, Mr. Ellis found a note under a rock at the pottery stating, "I have this day sold to S.H. Ellis the Marshall Pottery Works, consisting of tools, clay, manufacturing ware, one wagon, two mules..." Ellis expanded the pottery and put his family to work in the new family business. A fire in 1912 almost destroyed the pottery, and Mr. Ellis was forced for the first time, to borrow $2,000 to
rebuild. Canning jars, crocks and syrup jugs were delivered by mule and wagon until 1913 when the first Marshall Pottery truck was bought. Soon thereafter, the invention of the metal syrup bucket and then the glass canning jar in the 1920’s nearly spelled doom for the business. Interestingly enough, according to Sam Ellis' son, the coming of prohibition saved the pottery. Had it not been for the sale of jugs for moonshine, the Ellis family said, the company might have folded. With the accidental discovery of a lower firing clay in the 1940's history was written. The company started producing its second product line, flower pots. The two manufacturing lines are still produced today although both processes have been modernized and updated with new processes and technologies. The Mark "Marshall Pottery" became famous a the end of 90s and aroused the interest of the major terracotta manufacturers. Dal 1997 Marshall Pottery entra a far parte del Deroma Group.


United Kingdom

The history of Deroma UK speaks of Italian style, from classic and timeless shapes, also used in the manual production of small batches of unique and exclusive quality made in Italy; a history also made of industrial production, research and product innovation, which have enriched our catalog with products in other innovative and modern materials, from plastic to fiberglass, to new finishes in terracotta.
Being part of the Deroma Group means having tools, products, all-round experience, ideas and proposals to increase sales and success for our customers.