Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Region is plenty of business opportunities for Deroma Group. Hong Kong is an international city located in the heart of Asia Pacific Region, and Deroma strategically set up a branch in Hong Kong in 2011. The Hong Kong office is not only a commercial branch, it takes advantage of a geographical position and serves our Asian customers as a showroom, allowing an effective communication in the same time zone. We manage our customers communicating in multiple languages and we visit them on a regular basis. Meeting customers in person facilitate to understand their needs thoroughly. As a result, we are able to provide them with the best solutions. We always strive to share with them our knowledge on products, merchandising, as well as our best practices.

Business development is the core function of the Hong Kong office. In mature markets such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan, we continue to explore and look for more opportunities. In new markets, we do comprehensive research to identify the plan to enter a market and we continue to monitor closely the trends so as our strategy can be adapted rapidly to market shifting. Thanks to this approach, Deroma has successfully built up its business in Singapore, Korea and China in such short period. Deroma is surely a pioneer in these new developing markets.

Gardening has become a big trend in Asia and more business opportunities are on their way. Provide product information and training to the customers is one of our core activity. Assist customers to respond to market changes and advertise Deroma are paramount. We can proudly say that no one knows gardening and outdoor products in the Asia Pacific Region more than we do.