Deroma France, a subsidiary of the Deroma Group, in activity since 1.11.1992 currently has more than 60 employees, including 15 exclusive salespeople, true container specialists.

Our success is based on the synergy of our sales and logistics skills. A team of 22 people manages a storage warehouse of over 30,000 m2, fully computerized and with voice picking. We have set up an internal AGILE organization and constantly evolve our tools, methods and processes.

As a digital company, we integrated digital tools very early on, and today offer our 3,500 customers an extranet, a call center, and other facilitating tools, including EDI in particular.

Our advanced logistics allow us to deliver our 1,500 references within short deadlines with low free charges in France and Belgium.

Our values ​​are based on 3 fundamental principles: proximity to nature and the needs expressed by our customers, dynamism of the collections and responsiveness in customer relations, adaptability in all circumstances.

Values ​​that we apply on a daily basis at the crossroads between the need for economic growth and a more ethical economic model.